Commercial Garage Doors

New Builds

Lloyd’s Door Systems is there for when you are building a new business or adding on to an existing one. Over the last 55 years, we’ve become extremely efficient with installing overhead garage doors and openers. 

This means that we get in and get out so your business doesn’t have to wait on us.

Every one of our garage doors is installed with experience, quality, and reliability. Just ask the business next door.  


There comes a time when your business’s garage door needs to be replaced. Sometimes they’ve been there so long that it’s just their time to go. Maybe the type of your old door just isn’t giving your business the right look.

Either way, we’ll remove your old door with the care it deserves and take it to its last resting place.

We’ll make sure your new up-to-date garage door is in there in no time. 

You have enough to stress about with your building. Let us get you a new door so you can stop thinking about it.


Lloyd’s Door Services will take care of any issues your building’s garage door has. Common issues we see are broken springs, damaged cables, and broken panels.

These issues are common with every garage door. We’ll make sure to tell that to your boss, especially if it’s a few smashed panels we have to replace. 

These issues can cause safety concerns and MIOSHA doesn’t like that. We want to repair them as soon as possible. Let us know what the issue is and we’ll get to repairing it.

Annual Maintenance

Keeping a business running smoothly isn’t always easy. We know that preventing the big issues is a lot easier than dealing with the fire later on. 

Keep MIOSHA off your back with our maintenance plans. We’ll come out and check everything from bearings, hinges, springs, chains, belts, and every other moving part it has.

Lloyd’s Door Systems ensures that everything is running smoothly when it comes to your garage doors and openers. Schedule your annual maintenance and have one less thing to worry about.